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Celebrity-Chef Bobby Chinn at Trisara Phuket

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t0726micky_1Have you noticed that over the past couple of years that everyone has become a food and cooking expert? I am sure it has something to do with the hundreds of reality-TV chef and cooking programs we have seen on television since Gordon Ramsey first made it all interesting. If you are a food-lover or fancy yourself as a bit of a chef, you need to visit Trisara Phuket on the 12th August.

One of Asia’s leading culinary superstars, Bobby Chinn, will be holding two events on the 18th August, one of which will be a cooking demonstration, followed later that day by a wine dinner. Bobby Chinn is one of those chefs that has seen a meteoric profile rise since the beginning of the celebrity-chef TV programs that flood today’s channels. He is a familiar culinary face across Asia.

For more info, or to book your place for the wine dinner and/or demonstration, you can visit the Trisara Resort website at .

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