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Hunter-Gathering Menu with Wine & Taste at The Pavilions

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1411883897_1Apparently, the human race used to be hunter-gatherers, long before the days of 7/11, Macdonald’s and Pizza Hut. In celebration of human kind’s humble beginnings, The Pavilions, in collaboration with Wine & Taste are honoring our hunter-gathering past with a menu that is inspired by Mother Nature.

Inviting you on a gourmet journey that will bedazzle your palate with real food, delve into Chef Belinda’s kitchen to sample some tasty game meat, with some tamer choices, with this unique hunting-inspired menu on the 17th of October at The Pavilions Phuket.

The ticket prices are 1,800 THB per person, which includes food and a ½ bottle of fine vintage wine. The party starts at 7pm on the 17th, so make sure you book in advance or miss out on this unique opportunity.

For more details, you can contact 076317600.

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