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Living in Patong

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Patong Beach is Phuket’s number one tourist destinations with more nightlife options and international restaurants than all the island put together. Patong is the master when it comes to convenience and excitement. Buying a property in Patong works on so many levels, such as living in an area with lots of infrastructure and amenities. Also, if you are looking to make an investment on the Phuket real estate market, Patong will be the best place to make back solid rental returns on your investment.

There is a great choice of condominiums with sea-views in Patong, or alternatively, you can look to the Nan Nai Road area where most of Patong’s villas are located, or even on the hill overlooking Patong where the high-end properties are situated.

Because Patong is so desirable for tourists, buying a condo or villa in Patong to make back money through rental returns is the ultimate Phuket investment.

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One Response to “Living in Patong”

  1. Simon Youens Says:

    I can only agree with you, if Philippines have the long stretch of white sand beach on Boracay, Thailand has Patong, been there several times and still haven’t gotten feed up, i would definitely be back soon, I miss the beach, the food and the people, so friendly.

    You said there are many options when it comes to buying a property in Phuket, does it also work on foreigners? I would definitely want to purchase one instead of renting.

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