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More Phuket Infrastructure in the Pipeline

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Within the pages of this blog, we always like to harp on about Phuket’s infrastructure, but steady efforts are constantly made to keep the infrastructure in line with the ever-growing development on the island. Two large new projects have been chosen to present to the Thai cabinet when they meet in Phuket next month.

These two projects are the Phuket light railway and transport network that would cost approximately 25 billion THB to build, and the ongoing saga that is the Patong Tunnel with an approximated cost of 5.5 billion THB.

Both projects aim to alleviate the stress on Phuket’s major roads, aiding more free-flowing traffic and at the same time providing Phuket residents and visitors more options and choices. With the amount of money Phuket generates for the Thai economy, such projects are needed to enhance that Phuket Experience and ensure growth right across the island in every aspect is taken care of.

This is the only way to provide balance to Phuket and to keep its lofty position as Southeast Asia’s premier holiday island.

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