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Multi-Billion Investment Project Planned at Royal Phuket Marina

Calendar Jun - 17 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

hjkogfvRoyal Phuket Marina (RPM) is already known as one of the showpieces of the island, famous for its marina, developments, hotels, bars/restaurants and leisure facilities. This world-class marina isn’t choosing to remain stagnant as they have a new investment project in the works, set to take RPM to the next level.

Over the next few years, we are going to see more and more facilities at RPM, costing 5 billion THB. When talking to The Phuket News, Chairman of RPM, Gulu Lalvani talked more about the plans.

“The B5 billion planned investment over the next five years is part of my vision to make Royal Phuket Marina an iconic waterfront lifestyle destination,” said Mr Lalvani. “Under our #DestinationRPM campaign, Royal Phuket Marina will become a destination in its own right – a thriving residential and business community, and a destination that will support Phuket tourism attracting visitors from around the world.”

It is true that the demographics on the island have rapidly changed over the past decade, with more people than ever before looking over to the East Coast to experience some new and unique, and that is definitely where Royal Phuket Marina excels.

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