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New Jetstar Route Planned for Fukuoka, Japan

Calendar Jul - 01 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

Jetstar-asiaOver the past few years, Phuket and Thailand as a whole has seen a dramatic rise in holidaymakers from other eastern nations, especially from the far-east countries such as Korea, China and Japan. This emerging market has been great for tourism at a time when the European economies have been struggling and the amount of visitors from Europe as steadied.

Although news is a bit sketchy at the moment, we have recently heard that the leading low-cost airline carrier, Jetstar Asia, will be starting a new service between Fukuoka, Japan, and Bangkok. Fukuoka is Japan’s 6th largest city for those of you who don’t know.

The new route will be serviced with Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320, partnering with Jetstar-Japan for the new flights. We live in a time where we need to have our fingers in lots of pies, so this is great news.

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