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New ‘Straight to Gate’ service at Jetstar Asia

Calendar Jun - 25 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

wbJETSTAR-420x0Good news today for those traveling on Jetstar Asia from Bangkok to Phuket, as they have just launched their new ‘straight to gate’ policy, which is basically an enhanced check-in service for those travelling without check-in baggage or special visa requirements. The aim is to streamline their services and provide a smoother experience for travelers.

Barathan Pasupathi, CEO of Jetstar Asia said, “Today’s travelers want to minimize the time they take from their front door or hotel to the plane. This service will allow our travelers from Thailand to check-in at home, at the hotel or at the office. Straight-to-Gate also means our operations team can focus more on serving our customers with checked bags and special needs, fast-tracking the check-in process during busy holiday periods.”

They first started this service in November last year in Singapore, and now more than 45% of all Jetstar passengers with only carry-on bags are using the service. We always look for quick and convenient ways to get through he airport in the swiftest possible time, and it looks like Jetstar are on to something.

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