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Phuket Airport Bus Transfers to Extend to Kata and Karon

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imageQM00UCNJIt is well-documented about the recent clean-up of the taxi and tuk-tuk transportation services in Phuket. Their grip was once so tight that we couldn’t have a bus service from the island’s major west-coast destinations to Phuket International Airport. Luckily for the island’s residents and holidaymakers, the Phuket Airport bus service that terminates in Patong will soon be extended to Kata and Karon.

Owner of Phuket Airport Bus Express, Prakob Panyawai, recently told The Phuket News that “We are still serving people as per the time schedule. I have been talking with the PLTO about extending the service to Karon and Kata. If it is approved, the route from Phuket Airport to Patong would still be the same and we would go on from there to the final bus stop outside Karon Municipality [in Kata].”

It’s great news for those who live in the southern areas of Phuket seeking to find affordable prices to get to Phuket International Airport.

“I still have to discuss [with the PLTO] about stops along the way,” continued Prakob Panyawai. “Our plan is to add four minibuses to the system. We will try it out for three months and see what the passenger numbers and revenue looks like.”

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