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Phuket clinch second spot in poll of Chinese tourists

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main_pearl_of_naithonJust to show you how far Phuket, and the Asian travel market has evolved over the past five years, it might not be so surprising to hear that Phuket has been listed as second top destination in the world for Chinese holidaymakers. In a poll conducted by, which is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, Thailand was the only country with three destinations listed in the top 20 poll.

China is now surpassing the likes of Germany and the United States as the world’s largest source of outbound tourism in terms of expenditure.

The poll noticed that Chinese mainland travelers have begun branching out, looking to further afield for their holidays in places such as Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and even further away. Thailand and Phuket especially, are popular with the Chinese market due to the amount of family-friendly attractions and activities.

Understandably, Hong Kong topped the poll, with Taiwan third. Those two destinations are closer to Thailand relatively and culturally speaking, so for Phuket to gain the second spot just shows you how far we have come in such a short space of time.

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