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Phuket’s, King’s Cup Regatta 2009 and Investment opportunities at Marina developments.

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Phuket’s Kings Cup Regatta 2009 and Investment opportunities at Marina developments

Phuket King's Cup Regatta

This weekend saw the hosting of the 23rd, 5 day King’s Cup Regatta in Phuket. It’s held annually in the first week of December to celebrate the King of Thailand’s birthday, and this year the regatta was voted the prestigious title of Thailand’s favourite sailing venue.

This supports what many foreign sailors have known for years about Phuket, and is good news for the local Marinas. Phuket has and enjoys many established world class marinas and there are more planned for the future.

Most of the existing marina projects, and ones in the pipeline offer a variety of villas and apartments for sale such as at the popular “Royal Phuket Marina”, which proudly offers luxury properties, and the very best in a great marina lifestyle with facilities including a world class gym, restaurants, bars, shopping, spa, and even a conference center, all of which lend themselves very nicely to the possibilities of a steady rental income with an investment property.

All of this makes the potential capital growth in Marina real estate very attractive, and something that should be seriously considered.

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