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Phuket Marina Properties

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Historically, all across the world, marinas have become synonymous with not only luxury yachts, but also high-end real estate developments, and Phuket is no different. The two most popular marinas in Phuket – Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina, both have picturesque environments and some of the finest Phuket real estate options.

Royal Phuket Marina has long been the standard-bearer for the island in terms of luxury marinas, and home to some very special condominiums, some of which have personal moorings directly under the apartment. The marina is also a place for nightlife entertainment with some fine restaurants and an exciting atmosphere. To view some property descriptions from Royal Phuket Marina, please click here!

Boat Lagoon is Phuket’s second marina, and just a five-minute drive from Royal Phuket Marina. Boat Lagoon is home to more villas than RPM, and less condominiums, but in essence retains the same exciting and high-end atmosphere. To view the descriptions of Boat Lagoon properties, please click here! 

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