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Phuket Ranked High as a Remote working Destination

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work-online-from-homeAlthough the officials in the Thai government have yet to figure it out, the internet age has brought about a plethora of working options for IT, graphic designing and writer-type persons working online from home. 4 cities in Thailand have been highly ranked as some of the best destinations to live in the world and work remotely.

Compiled by NomadList, which is a site by the Amsterdam-based entrepreneur, Pieter Levels, the list ranks the best places in the world to reside while working online. The list was compiled using the criteria of monthly living costs, transportation, access to internet and coffee shops and the safety and density of Wi-Fi speeds.

The four places that ranked high in descending order are Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket and Pai.

Although some might see Phuket as struggling in the monthly living costs bracket, the excellent infrastructure on the island ensures quality internet connections. Merge that together with the all-year-round temperate climate and stunning natural beauty and let me know a Digital Nomad that wouldn’t want to live in Phuket while working online.

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