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Phuket to become a digital smart city

Calendar Sep - 28 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

asasaAs we are constantly moving through the digital age, it continues to change many aspects of our daily life, with tourism being at the forefront of the evolution. In a recent article from The Nation newspaper, plans are currently in the works to make Phuket and Chiang Mai ‘Smart Cities’.

The Nation stated that the Thai government want to move the 2 cities into the digital age. The plan is basically about taking steps to create digital local economies in Phuket with solid infrastructure.

The second phase of the program is aimed towards education and assistance to SMEs (small medium enterprises) to get them online and to reach a significant goal. Another aim of the program is to bring internet to rural and local communities throughout Thailand.

Anything that promotes Phuket on the internet is a great idea, so it’s nice to see the Thai government are focused on utilizing the latest internet technology and platforms to bring everything closer together.

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