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Plans in Place to Replicate the ‘London Eye’ in Patong

Calendar Nov - 28 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

London-days.-London-Eye-2Inspired by the ‘London Eye’ ferris wheel constructed for the millennium celebrations, plans are now in the works to create something similar in Phuket, to be named the Patong Eye. The proposed location for the ferris wheel is at the end of the island’s most famous entertainment zone, Bangla Road, on Patong Beach.

Acting Mayor of Patong, Chairat Sukban, told that wheel would be constructed with investors from Dubai. The news comes at a time when fresh efforts have been made to clean up the Patong Beach area, which started last week.

”We think the wheel would be good for Patong,” said Khun Chairat.

Major cities around the world such as Singapore and London have constructed ferris wheels over the past decade or more, received with mixed reviews.

London and other cities around the world – including Singapore – have all built wheels in recent years, with mixed success.

Although the plans are, at the moment, just plans, it will be interesting to see if the Patong Eye projects gets off the ground.

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