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Recent Survey Shows Thailand is the Best Place to Live for Expats

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phuket_patong_beach7I know we have been saying this for quite a long time, but we would, wouldn’t we? A recent survey of the best places for expats to live, conducted by HSBC, showed Thailand to be at the top of the list. Is that surprising to you? Not to me it isn’t because I live here!

Joking aside, more than 7,000 people participated in the 2013 HSBC Expat survey and voted Thailand as the best place to live. Generally, there were very good results for Southeast Asia with Singapore not far behind and Malaysia and Indonesia also in double digits on the list.

The basic premise behind the survey was for market intelligence on what motivates expats to move abroad in terms of lifestyle and financial prospects.

Obviously for the older expats with financial security, Thailand makes a lot of sense due to the affordable real estate options, warm climate and solid infrastructure.

When it comes to the younger expats, they can easily find jobs in Thailand as English teachers, salespersons and writers.

The overall prognosis is that Thailand really suits people of all ages, and regardless of the momentary lapses of those in power (which happens in every country), Thailand is a welcoming and friendly place with opportunities.

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