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TAT plans to support travel insurance for tourists

Calendar Jul - 21 | User | Comment no comments. | Page News

karon-beach-phuket-thailandIf any of you guys currently planning a visit to Thailand are struggling to find overseas travel insurance because of the current political situation in the country, there could be some really good news just around the corner. The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) deputy governor for international marketing, Juthaporn Rerngronasa, has said that the authority will help promote travel insurance from three companies, Muang Thai Insurance, Chao Phaya Insurance and Siam City Insurance, that you can get if you are struggling to do so.

The insurances will be available from the 15th July, with a premium of 650 baht, covering up to 1 million THB for accidents, baggage loss, health, flight delays and airport closures. Tourists will be able to purchase the insurance policy online.

The three companies are now seeking approval for the insurance policies from the Office of Insurance Commission. “This travel insurance will help attract more tourists from Britain, the US and Hong Kong to visit Thailand,” Ms Juthaporn said.

So if you are thinking about visiting Thailand, but were worried about the lack of insurance available, there are going to be three options on the table very soon.

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