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The Best of British Sunday Roasts in Phuket

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3327652949_4e191360c9_zThe renowned British Sunday Roast is probably one of the most gut-busting meals known to human civilization, traditional in every sense of the word, a British institution so to speak. Every holiday destination across the world has a selection of British themed bars and restaurants so happy expats can continue to feast upon the fare they’ve become accustomed to… it really is one of the best things about being a British person abroad!

Phuket is no different, with dozens of establishments across the island serving a Sunday Roast to eager eaters. Irish Pubs are always a good bet when seeking out that carnivorous Sunday roast and the Irish Times Pub in Patong at Jungceylon is certainly making a name for itself in the Sunday carvery stakes!

This Sunday Roast is very established, now in operation over the past 6 years, available for 399 baht and serving up a delectable choice of roast lamb, beef, pork, ham and chicken, alongside a host of vegetables, soups, fresh bread, gravy and the quintessential Yorkshire pudding!

If you get a chance to sample the Irish Times’ Sunday Roast, I would grasp it with both hands.

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