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Tuesday Night International Buffet at Laguna Café

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La-TrattoriaIf you are a fan of excellent food and drink, which we all are, then you will love the ‘Tuesday Special International Buffet’ at Laguna Café and Casuarina Beach Restaurant in the Dusit Thani Phuket Resort. Laguna has long been a popular name that conjures up images of 5-star luxury at every turn, and that wouldn’t be too far wrong. Laguna Café is located in the heart of the estate at Dusit Thani and is a great place to go for some of the finest food on this side of the island.

Teat your taste buds to something special tonight, or any other Tuesday for that matter with this sumptuous buffet lunch. There is a vast selection of Asian and western delicacies on offer tonight at Laguna Café and Casuarina Beach Restaurant, with prices at 890 THB per person and 50% off for kids that are aged between 6 to 12 years old.

Thursday nights are also a special occasion at Laguna Café and Casuarina Beach Restaurant with their ‘Thursday Special Andaman Seafood Buffet’. This BBQ lunch on the beach includes a great choice of grilled meats and seafood, Asian cold and hot dishes and a selection of appetizers and salads, all for just 1,420 THB per person and 710 THB for kids.

Make sure that you try out the excellent food at the Laguna Café and Casuarina Beach Restaurant every Tuesday and Thursday.

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