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9 Million THB Analysis of Traffic Flow at Chalong Circle

Great news for those living in the Chalong area as a 9 million baht study is underway that will try to alleviate the traffic congestion woes that blight the Chalong Circle. The study is a pre-construction analysis where companies will examine several options such as flyovers and underpasses. During the morning and afternoon rush hours, this busy roundabout where five roads meet, can lead to major congestion.

Director of the Phuket Highways Office, Samak Luedwonghad said that the year-long study is set to analyze the flow of traffic in and around the Chalong Circle, alongside the environmental effects of constructing a flyover or an underpass.
The companies helping out with the analysis are Epsilon, Asia Lab and NuMAP.

“The information we receive from the data collected will be used to choose the most suitable of the seven proposed routes,” Mr Samak said.

Whichever option is chosen, it will no doubt benefit the flow of traffic in the area, which has been really troublesome over the past few years as there are more cars on Phuket roads than ever before.


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