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Amazing High-End Villas at Andara Resort

We spend lots of time on this blog talking about how much value-for-money real estate Phuket provides potential homebuyers. However, Phuket is also home to some of the most stunning and high-end villas you will find in the whole of Asia. When you think about it, Phuket has the perfect environment to facilitative the ‘Millionaire Lifestyle’. The Andara Resort at Kamala Beach is also the perfect example of Phuket’s prowess in the high-end Thailand property market.

Benefitting from 26 mansions perched dramatically on a mountainside overlooking the Andaman Ocean and Kamala Beach, the villas are simply breathtaking. They are out of the price range of your average Phuket homebuyer, but these kind of options are plentiful on the island.

These five-bedroom villas are set over 710sqm internally with total land plots in the range of a whopping 2,160sqm. Fully equipped with their own swimming pools, every luxury imaginable and a sea-view unparalleled anywhere on Phuket, this is something really special – something that makes you sit up and take notice. With a price of 276 million THB, it’s expected that they are so grand. For more info and some photographs, please click here!

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