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Once-in-a-Lifetime Dream Villa Verai at Cape Yamu

Not many things can surprise me or stop me in my tracks at this point of my life! However, sometimes you have to stand back in amazement, awestruck with jaw dropping to the floor. That’s all I can muster when talking about Villa Verai at Cape Yamu. If one-hundred meters of beach frontage and one of the largest swimming pools on Phuket Island at 40 meters in length is not enough, the seven en-suite bedrooms and the breathtaking views looking out over the picturesque Phang Nga Bay will tip you over to the realms of ecstasy!

Set over 10,000sqm, with 4,500sqm meters of living space, you will have lots of room to relax and unwind… you could probably go days without seeing your family as the land area is so vast!

The Phuket real estate market has some beautiful villas, but not many can match the exclusivity and downright magnificence of Villa Verai. Cape Yamu is already an exclusive location where some of Phuket’s most high-end and gracious abodes are situated, so it’s only right that Villa Verai becomes the proverbial cherry atop the cake.

Also enjoying its own spa, gymnasium and fully equipped movie theatre, alongside unique artworks as far as the eye can see, this palatial home is something of its own king – a real masterpiece.

The villa is on the Phuket real estate market for 18.7 USD, which at this moment in time breaks down as 576,764,100 Thai baht. For more information on this dream home

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