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Thanyapura Sports Center Expansion

Those of you living on Phuket Island will no doubt have heard of the Thanyapura Sports Center, known locally for its international education program and amazing sports facilities that have hosted many sporting tournaments, such as tennis events, and as a training hub for world-class athletes. There are new plans to expand the center, which is pretty exciting for those living on the island.

This amazing multi-purpose facility has recently announced plans to construct an additional 114 hotel rooms to its premises, which will see 14 2-bedroom pool villas and 100 new hotel rooms.

Other plans in the works include a 100-meter swimming pool, which will add to the already-world class wellness center. More tennis courts are also planned for construction. This is all geared towards the aim to be affiliated to the United Nations Colleges next year.

The facilities in general are already worth approximately 3.5 billion THB, and with the new plans, will continue to focus on attracting world-class athletes from around the globe to their training facilities.

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