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Brand New Phuket Attraction Opens

Although Phuket is quite a large island, we always take great interest in the newest attractions and activities that open, especially when it’s something different and unique. The latest and most intriguing attraction on the island is the Phuket Escape Hunt Experience, located in Kathu across from the Tiger Kingdom.

Apparently, the Phuket Escape Hunt Experience is ‘experimental entertainment’ and is a concept that is already taking over other Asian destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta.

The concept is that you are locked in a room where there are lots of clues to puzzles that you must solve in order to get out. If any British person is reading this, it sounds a little bit like the Crystal Maze game show that used to be on UK TV.

Each game takes approximately 90 minutes and is something very unique, the likes of which we don’t have on the island, so it’s worth a try just out of curiosity. The establishment is open from 10am to 9pm every day, so get yourself down there and find what it’s all about.

You can visit their website at:

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