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Phuket International Rugby 10s @ Thanyapura Sports Club

For those of you who are fans of Rugby, the Phuket International Rugby 10s will once again take place for the 17th time, hosted at the Thanyapura Sports Club in Phuket. If you are a fan of the game, this will be something special that you will really enjoy.

The tournament will take place from the 29th to the 31st May 2015 and promises some real action. The fun will kick off with an Athena Siam Coffin Dodgers Vets tournament with 16 teams from places such as Abu Dhabi, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand competing to play in the finals on the Sunday.

The main Open Tournament kicks off on the Saturday with previous winners, Moorabbin Rams from Australia & the Emirates Airlines Flying Muppets, looking to make lightning strike twice.

Whether you are a Rugby fan or looking for a fun day of sport, get down to Thanyapura Sports Club on the 29th to 31st May. For more details, you can contact:

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