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Affordable Phuket Villas under 5 million THB

There is a great deal of emphasis on the high-end Phuket villas real estate industry with villas priced at 50 million baht upwards, however, not everyone has that kind of money to splash about. In fact, only quite a small select group of wealthy people can afford such an outlay! Most potential Phuket homebuyers are looking for a great deal that fits into a tight budget under 5 million baht, and we at Prime Real Estate Phuket cater for every budget and style.

There are lots of Phuket condominiums and apartments on the market for these kinds of prices, but only a limited selection of villas within this price category. The thing about Phuket is that there is something for everyone, and that’s what makes the island so special and accessible for all.

We have a handful of villas in our database that starts from around the 2 million baht mark up to 6 million baht. If you are looking for a quality villa that fits within this price range, please click and take a look! You might find exactly what you are looking for…

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