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Phuket the best place to live.

What is it like to live in Phuket?

Most people think first of buying their Sea view Condo, Luxury pool villa or what ever type of Home in Phuket but what is it like to finally call Phuket home.

I have lived here 6 years now and the Island still pleasantly surprises me, take the other day I was showing a client Land in Phuket in order for him to build his Luxury Villa complete with . The wish list was that the Villa be elevated to get the best view of the beaches in Kata. During the search we visited many land plots of all sizes and some in remote locations ticked away in the rubber trees. After a couple of days of viewing they decided on a plot and instead of wanting to return to their hotel they asked to be dropped off at the international supermarket to buy specialist food. As soon as I said goodbye and jumped back in my car to leave, I found my car would not start, the battery was dead.

My first thought was that thankfully it did not happen when we were on the hunt for sea view land plots and were in some very quite sections of Phuket. The next thought is what to do next in the UK I would phone a road side recovery company. As I stood there staring into the engine a car pulled up and offered to give my car a jump start, sad to say that did not work but then another expat kindly said he knew a guy that worked in a garage and within 15 minutes a local Thai guy had turned up on his motorbike with a new battery. All was fixed in such a s short time but during that short time the help offered to me kept coming, the local electrical store seen me having trouble and also sent their van around to try to jump start my car. The lady in who owned the little stall nearby came over with water it was only then do you realise how lucky I am to live here and what a great community Phuket is and how in my humble opinion is the best place in the world to live.

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