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Dance World Studios in Phuket

During the 60s, 70s, and 80s dance movies and TV shows such as Saturday Night Fever and Fame ensured the masses had a keen interest in all forms of dancing. However, over the 90s and early 2000s, dance had become more unpopular and not as cool as it was once was. Since the inception of dance reality-TV shows, everyone is back into dancing again, which means it is the perfect time for the launch of a new dance school in Phuket, named Dance World Studios.

Those of you who want to learn how to dance in Phuket, or for those who have kids interested in dancing, the Dance World Studios is located in a central position on Pracha Uthit Road, which runs parallel to the bypass road, creating a convenient location for people all over the island to visit.

The studios were created by the same people who own Simon Cabaret. Dance World managing director, Pornthep Rouyrin, recently said, “We saw that there was potential for creating a dance school and we had seen the growth of the international schools in Phuket too.”

For those of you seeking more information, you can visit or call 093-580 5227.

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