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Free Wi-Fi Internet Access at Phuket Central Festival

In the world of mass communication in which we live today, access to the internet at any given time of the day or night has become a must. So much so, it makes you wonder how we survived in the past. For when you absolutely need to answer an urgent email even when out shopping, Central Festival has launched a free Wi-Fi service available throughout the shopping center.

The free wireless internet service was launched in the shopping mall last Saturday on 9th November, providing shoppers with internet access for their laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree, Vice President of Property Management, said “We have made Wi-Fi service available to all customers but tourists especially will benefit from the added convenience of being able to go online hassle-free. Most local shoppers can use their local 3G mobile network provider [to get access to the Internet] but Central Festival Phuket welcomes an average of 7,000 tourists each day, many of whom will not be able to access local mobile networks.”

Although the Wi-Fi service is in a trial period and can only be accessed on the first and second floors, by December, it should be available across every part of the mall.

“Shoppers will benefit from the convenience of being able to go online without first having to sign up with a network provider,” said Wilaiporn finishing off.

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