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Making Phuket Beaches a Safer Place

Although holidaying in Phuket is one of the most amazing experiences, one of the most dangerous aspects of being here at this time of the year is the violent undercurrents and riptides in the Andaman Ocean. At this time of the year, red flags on the beaches signify a no-swim zone, but unfortunately some people ignore the signs and danger. The island sometimes struggles to find an adequate number of lifeguards to patrol the beaches, until now that is!

60 people, mostly made up of hotels staff and business people have recently undergone 5-days of training, courtesy of Surf Life Saving, which is an Australian water safety company that specializes in drowning prevention and water rescue.

Prayut Cheuyuan, the President of the Phuket Lifeguard Club, recently said, “The Phuket OrBorJor (Provincial Administration Organisation) continues to provide lifeguards for all 13 beaches around Phuket. This training programme was for volunteers who wished to be trained and volunteer to be lifeguards on the beaches.”

The Vice president of the Phuket OrBorJor, Sakchai Choawai, also went onto add, “We want the lifeguards on Phuketʼs beaches to have a positive image on the islandʼs tourism industry. To provide these volunteers with the training they require to rescue and help people is very important, and I hope that the knowledge they have gained will help them should they need to use it in a real life situation.”

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