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My First Blog

Welcome to my first Blog, which is an easy subject for me as it’s my love of all things Phuket.

Over the years the tropical Island of Phuket that I ended up living after a disastrous move to Bali, Phuket has really grabbed me. My wife and I have lived in many countries over the years but none has had the feel and pace of Phuket, people change for the better as soon as they land at the airport. They adopt a more relaxed stance and even if it’s their first visit I would estimate 50% of the visitors are thinking what it’s like to live on an Island as beautiful as Phuket.

First thing people think about is the cost of a Condominium or Villa and this is the great thing about Phuket, the sheer variety of types of real estate on the Island. For example I could find you a very attractive apartment within walking distance to a beach in the south of the Island for 2 million Baht, around US$ 60,000 move to the more favoured North West Coast, and that can easily jump to 20 Million + , US$ 600,000. The most expensive Villa I have witnessed being bought in Phuket was a whopping US$ 25 Million, and there you have Phuket, Movie stars , CEO’s of International  companies and ordinary hard working people all don the standard Phuket uniform of shorts and T-shirts and mix as one, enjoying the tropical lifestyle that the wonderful island of Phuket offers.

With 35% of the world’s population within a 5 hour flight you can see why it is Asia’s number 1 location.

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