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New Chinese Traditional Medical Centre

Thailand and China agree to open a traditional medical centre in Phuket. A memorandum of understanding has just been signed by the Thai Ministry for Health and the Chinese government to open a new traditional / alternative health centre in Kamala on the West Coast of Phuket. The original idea dates back to 2004 but has only just been finalized this year with the input of Khun Pansiri Kulanatsiri the Deputy Minister of Public Health.
The centre will focus on Chinese traditional practices and alternative treatment of medicine and will operate within a network of doctors at nearby hospitals.

As Phuket is one of the world’s top places for health care and detoxing, with the already popular Atmanji and Atsumi centre’s in the south plus the growing number of tourists visiting Phuket on medical holidays, I feel this will contribute nicely to the allure of Phuket.

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