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Patong Beach Road Set For a Facelift

Patong has always been Phuket’s premier tourist destination for as long as I can remember, but as you usually find with any highly populated area, some wear and tear can easily be seen, it’s only natural. So it is great news to hear that Phuket’s busiest Beach Road is set for a 200 million THB facelift in the not too distant future.

The plan to beautify Patong beach Road is set to commence in October 2013, drawing directly from the 2014 budget. The renovation plans for the 3.5km stretch of beach road will hide the power lines that really are an eyesore in this part of Phuket.

The Chief Technician of Patong Municipality, Surapon Buakaew said, “88 million baht will come from the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and 115 million baht will come from Patong Municipality, but first we need to present the idea to the public and allow them to comment.” he said.

As Patong is the most visited part of Phuket, it makes complete sense that if Patong Beach Road looks shabby, it is not a good first impression of Phuket as a popular tourist destination, so sooner the better I say!

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