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Bangkok Phuket Hospital Purchases a Competitor

The Bangkok Phuket Hospital is an institution on the island and intrinsically important to the tourism industry as a five-star international hospital that services holidaymakers in times of trouble and also for medical tourism companies that make Phuket a great medical holiday destination. The hospital is already revered as a dominating powerhouse on the island, but the latest news of a major takeover is going to make them even bigger.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand has filed a recent report that lists that Bangkok Dusit Medical Hospital (BGH) has had all its business acquired by Bangkok Phuket International Hospital. The price listed in the report says the value of the deal is 3.6 Billion THB in cash and 416 Million in shares of the company.

Although the sale is not expected to be finalized or go through until the end of the year, there is still some due diligence to be performed.

It’s great to see that the company behind the best hotel on the island is growing from strength to strength that will further galvanize Phuket’s reputation as a world-class location for medical tourism.

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