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Chalong Circle Underpass is going to happen

There has been lots of talks over the past few months regarding the Chalong Underpass, but finally at a public meeting in Phuket on Wednesday, the 800 million THB underpass has been endorsed, which will see a link starting on Chao Fa Road from Phuket Town and Viset Road that heads towards Rawai, which will be beneath the circle.

The construction of the underpass will take two-and-a-half years, and in the meantime we can expect lots of traffic congestion around Chalong Circle, which will inevitably bring about long delays for those who have to drive through Chalong, especially in the rush hours.

There have been a few attempts to include a system of traffic lights at Chalong Circle, but to no avail, but the new plans give hope to the traffic congestion woes of those who have to pass the circle on a daily basis.

Phuket, in terms of infrastructure, is Thailand’s number one island, so it’s important that we continue to move forward, which bodes well for the future.

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