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Foreign investors snapping up Phuket properties!

Those who have doubted that investors would come back to the Phuket property market might be surprised to hear Thailand Business News have recently reported that Phuket real estate is being snapped up by Chinese and Russian buyers. We have all seen the Chinese and Russian siege over the past couple of years and can’t say we are surprised!

Although this is good news, it seems to be Hong Kong and Singaporean investors that are purchasing the mid to high end Phuket properties, and that those purchasing the island’s high end properties were 100% from overseas!

It’s a numbers game, so the more visitors we see to the island, it’s likely that more properties will be sold, and with the year we have just had, in terms of arrivals, it’s very good new.

At this moment in time, the key overseas investors come from markets from China, Sweden, South Korea, Finland, Malaysia and Russia.



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