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Massive sales projections for Laguna Phuket is a positive sign for the island

Things are now moving forward in Thailand, and especially in Phuket, with investor confidence now rising. No doubt Thailand now putting the flooding situation behind them and with the elections running pretty smoothly, people are starting to believe in the country once again.

One significant sign that things are looking up for Phuket on the investor front is that Laguna Phuket has just received over 400 million THB over the past six months for sales reservations.

Reports from local property brokers and various developers around the island say that there is an increasing selection of appointments and visits penned in for the high-season months, which bodes well for the Phuket property market and the island in general.

Laguna Phuket has always been a popular destination for tourists and residents alike, and it seems that things are on the up and up. We have a great selection of Phuket properties available in Laguna, with a wide range of prices and property types to suit all buyers and their personal preferences.

Laguna is situated on the west coast of Phuket within close proximity to Surin and Bang Tao Beach. Enjoying some five-star facilities and the Laguna Phuket golf course, please click here to view some of the Laguna Phuket properties available for sale.

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