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Phuket Arrivals up 11% on this time last year

Phuket arrivals figures from the first half of 2012 are very positive once again. According to Phuket International Airport (PIA), the continued growth in the first six months of the year is up 11% on this time last year at a total of 4.74 million. With greater demand from mainland China and Russia, direct flights from these countries have also increased in recent times.

With the expansion of Phuket airport at a cost of 180 million USD expected to commence within the next 6 months, I don’t think it can come quick enough with the ongoing growth of the Phuket arrivals.

This is all great news for the island’s business owners, villa owners and the real estate market because more arrivals usually turn into more business which is exactly what we need. The future looks bright for Phuket, and why shouldn’t it, this is one of the world’s premier beachside island destinations for good reason.

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