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Phuket flights could grow by 25% over the next 12 months

It is expected that flights in and out Phuket could rise by a massive 25% over the next year by the General Manager of Phuket International Airport. Over the past 12 months, the airport has processed over 9 million passengers, which is a new record for the region, and it isn’t expected to stop right there.

Since October last to September this year, the average flights per month have risen from 4,296 to 4,559. International flights over this period have risen more than domestic flights with high figures from regions such as the Middle East, Europe, China, Korea and Australia.

Bearing in mind that work is due to begin this week for the expansion of Phuket International Airport which will raise its capacity to 12.5 million passengers per year, this is all very timely stuff.

This is all great news, especially when considering the recent problems with the world economy, With the new markets such as the Middle East, China and Korea, it seems that the future is still bright for Phuket with the new of the expected flight growth out of Phuket International Airport.



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