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Positively Phuket

Phuket positivity has raining down thick and fast over the past week or so in the run up to high season, and it’s exactly what we want to hear. Too many people focus on negativity too often, which is really a shame because Phuket is one of the world’s premier tropical holiday destinations. Earlier this week we blogged about the current high occupancy rates of Phuket hotels and resorts over the month of September. You can read that article by clicking here!

Also, we recently blogged about how the projected amount of flights through Phuket International Airport is expected to rise over the next 12 months by 25%. Over the past 12 months, the amount of passengers through the airport grew to 9 million, which is pretty good. You can read that article by clicking here!

It’s always best to be positive, forward-thinking and keep the negativity to a minium. Of course, some issues can be inescapably negative, and those issues always need to be talked about and tackled so we can move forward. However, at this moment in time, things seem to be on the up, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and look forward to next few months on our beautiful island. Have a great weekend folks!

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