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Singaporean’s Look to Phuket as the Answer

There has been much made in the news over the past few days in regards to the haze that has hit Singapore from Indonesia, with Singaporeans starting to raise their concerns about the health issues arising from such pollution. Bill Barnett from The Phuket Insider fame has discussed the issue with hoteliers from Phuket and Bali about the increased levels of bookings from Singaporeans for over the weekend since the smog enveloped their island nation.

Experts on such matters have said that the haze could be around for the next few weeks, which harks back to a similar situation that happened in 1997 and 1998.

Although it’s obviously bad news for Singapore, the rain in Phuket sounds like a better option than a pollution-filled haze, and we are not going to argue about that!

What with the expansive house prices which have been rapidly increasing in Singapore, and now with the smog that might be around until September, Phuket is becoming the refuge for those wishing to escape the pollution.

Such problems are causing Singaporean residents to consider Phuket as a safe haven to reside, which is good news for the island on a whole.

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