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Thai Exports Up for the First Time Since the Bangkok Floods

Thailand has been through quite a lot over the past few years, what with Military coups, SARS, the Tsunami and the recent floods at the back end of last year. However, Thailand always manages to bounce back in a remarkable manner time after time.

During the month of February, Thai exports rose for the first time since the floods, climbing nearly 1% year on year, and 21% up from January.  During February, exports totaled at $19 billion.

Thailand always manages to somehow pull itself out of the hole and move forward in fine style. Asia is the place to be in the world at this moment in time, especially with the western world, and the Euro currency, still struggling.

Maybe we are seeing a real move in the world economy, and with the Dollar struggling as well, maybe this is the time that China and South East Asian are going to make big waves.

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