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The Evolving Phuket Real Estate Market

There are lots of articles doing the rounds at the moment, detailing the changes on the Phuket real estate market, moving towards smaller and lower cost units similar to the Pattaya and Bangkok markets, which are being seen in the Phuket property bubble that we see inflating before our eyes.

Some of Thailand’s biggest real estate agents believe this is partly due to the philosophies of Bangkok based developers that have been flocking to Phuket over the past couple of years. For sure, the current affordability in the market place has seen lots of local Thais in Phuket buying villas and condos for the first time.

Phuket is now becoming the best place to live in Southeast Asia, offering something that fits every budget, style and taste. Times are changing for the world’s economy, so it is very important to evolve and move with the times, or simply get left behind.

Phuket cannot afford to be left behind, so the evolving nature of the Phuket real estate market perfectly mirrors the changes we currently see happening across the globe.

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