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We have been working with Prime Real Estate, Phuket Co. Ltd., and in particular with Barry King, their Managing Director, for the more than four years and have established an excellent working relationship over that time. We have been very impressed at the client qualification process and, as a result
Ben Daniel, Managing Director. Kamala Falls Co., Ltd.
We wish to express how extremely impressed we were by the no fuss, honest and professional service provided by Prime Real Estate. We particularly appreciated the amount of contact we had with you throughout the entire period including the follow-up phone calls following inspections and offers on our property. You
Kanokpan Pranveerapaiboon(Kwan), Two Villas Group
Very professional and absolutely reliable. Barry has always made efforts to assist, whether during the sales process or even after transfer. Any developer not working with Barry will definitely be at a disadvantage.
Jon Vanasin , Erawana Developer
Hi Barry, hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you very much for your fantastic service! I had my property for sale for a long time before we connected and once you and your team received my request for listing it was only a very short period of
Stephan, Toronto Canada.
I started out with an idea to invest in a property in Phuket and not knowing anything about how to go about buying in Thailand I googled for details of local agents who could help me. Out of several I contacted Prime Real Estate, Phuket really came through and delivered.
Michael Bezer – Singapore
In 2011 we commenced searching for a small investment property in Phuket, Thailand. As this was our first venture into the Thailand property market we were understandably cautious and therefore looked for a property advisor who would be able to understand our concerns, have a broad knowledge of the property
Mark & Samantha Taylor, Singapore
As my trips to Phuket were getting more frequent, and the lifestyle Phuket offers getting more attractive, I wanted to find out more about purchasing a home in Phuket. After a search on the internet I found Barry’s web site which I found informative and straight forward to use. After
Marico, South Africa
Prior to contacting Barry, a holiday home in Phuket appealed but was always perceived as too risky and in the too difficult space. I first contacted Barry through his web site, which was helpful and informative, and was a general interest inquiry. Following a brief meeting we decided to have
Mike Allen, HK
After two kids, we decided we wanted to upgrade to a bigger vacation home and we needed to sell our original home first. There are so many real estate agents in Thailand, we didn’t know where to start. We ended up listing our place with all of them and on
Tom & Tookie Clayton, Singapore
In August 2011 my wife and I decided to purchase a ‘holiday home’ in Phuket. We had visited the island several times previously and considered it an ideal place buy. The resort that we liked most was Kamala and our search was defined to that area. At this stage we
Jonathan M Kearney, UK
Our property at The Residence had been on the market for a considerable time. I was recommended to contact Barry at Prime Real Estate which was one of the best thing I done. Barry sold the property and everything went extremely smooth. I can strongly recommend Barry and Prime Real
Johan and Maria, Sweden
“Whilst visiting Phuket and falling in love with the Island we speculatively decided to view some properties more out of sheer curiosity than an actual serious desire to purchase. That was before we met Barry King that is! It wasn’t Barry’s slick sales patter that turned us from tyre kickers
Simon and Nichola, Dubai
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