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Direct Flights From Korea in the Pipeline

Over the past few years, Asian visitors to Phuket have dramatically increased, especially from Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indians, the Chinese and the Koreans. Every week I seem to be writing yet another article about the increase in not only tourist numbers to Phuket, but also the heavy increase in flights from said nations into Thailand and Phuket. This time it’s the Korean’s turn!

The charter flyer Business Air is to begin direct flights between South Korea’s Incheon Airport in Seoul to Phuket International Airport from 3 September 2013. Already carrying between 3,000 and 4,000 passengers from Korea to Thailand each month, they now plan to fly into Phuket directly.

With a massive increase in new direct flights from India, China and Korea over the past 6 months, Phuket is once again looking forward to the high season influx with baited breath, looking to break some more inbound visitor records along the way. We just need the expansion of Phuket International Airport to come as quick as possible.

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