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Easter Holidays and Thai New Year

With Phuket hotels and resorts enjoying 70% + occupancy in Phuket, and the first rain getting everybody in the mood for the Songkran festival which is the Thai new year celebration from the 13-15th April the mood is definitely upbeat and proving Phuket’s place as one of the world’s premier holiday destinations.

Investors are also taking advantage of the two month extension of the reduced property tax registration incentives. With investors favoring completed developments over off plan, and also on the increase again are land sales. Could buying a piece of land be the perfect dream to build your own villa on this tropical island? well it certainly could be but my advice would be to make sure that you get the right local team behind you as local regulations may not be the same or as straight forward as your own home country.

So with Phuket bike week taking place in April with an expected 30,000 bikers set to travel to Phuket spending an estimated 800 million baht I wonder how many will find the allure of buying that second home in Phuket paradise.

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