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Europe’s Love Affair with Thailand

Europeans have a love affair with Thailand, especially Phuket. Riots, Tsunamis, political unrests and coups, and full-blown floods cannot keep European visitors away from Phuket, as the arrival figures prove year upon year. There is something special about the relationship that simply cannot be broken.

I love articles such as this one reported on the Phuket Wan website, which tells of the French travel website,, having notched up 7 million visits, which makes Thailand the number one visited page on the website beating out other popular holiday destinations such as New York (5.2m), Corsica (4.8m), India (4.4m) and Morocco (4.2m).

“There is no doubt that the Land of Smiles is popular among French travellers and backpackers,” said the publisher of the website, Mr Damiani. ”It is not difficult to see why. Thailand has many attractions that appeal to French travellers – its rich culture and heritage attractions in the North, the beautiful Phuket beaches of the South, a bustling capital with its excellent shopping, an unparalleled sense of hospitality and delicious food … all at unbeatable prices. What could be better?”

Mr Damiani took the words right out of my mouth. Sometimes, when living within such a popular paradise, we forget to stop for a second and have a look around, because obviously, it doesn’t get much better or more desirable than Thailand. We are very fortunate to be living in the place to be!

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