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F1 Simulator with GR Racing in Phuket

Most people have had a try on a flight simulator before, or have seen one somewhere, but have you ever seen or tried out a Formula One simulator before? If not, racing fans are in for a treat as the island’s first ever F1 simulator has been installed at Grid Racing Café in Patong.

As the first of its kind in Phuket, the professional F1 car simulator at Grid Racing Café offers the next-to-best thing for Formula One fans around the island. The simulators feature booming sounds system that recreate the noise of a race, with speeds of up to 330km per hour, giving you a real rush, just like you are there, without the dangers of course.

Grid Racing offers an interactive F1 experience, whether it’s using the sim, watching the races on a grandstand that surrounds the sim, or even just having a drink with likeminded individuals to watch actual live F1 races as they unfold.

With special interactive race days where you can pitch your skills against another driver, or simply use the establishment as a café, this is something completely new and unique in Phuket.

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