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Get Your Laguna Shores Apartment

If you haven’t heard or don’t know about it then you must be living in the Draco Constellation with David Icke’s reptile overlords. I am talking about the NEW Laguna Shores Development that is hitting the news and streets big time! Never has it been so affordable to purchase a property in the prestigious Laguna Estate.

These one and two bedroom waterfront apartments are set over land sizes ranging from 42sqm to 78sqm, and promise to be the best value for money condominiums on the entire island. Maybe they are not the cheapest, but with a location within Laguna and prices ranging from 3.6 million THB, there simply is no better value.

Please click here to see the full listing for the Laguna Shores Development, a selection of photos and details how you can get yourself a Laguna property before they sell out!

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