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Have a Happy, Wet and Safe Songkran 2014

As it’s Friday and we probably won’t upload another blog until Monday, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe, wet and happy Thai New Year. By this time tomorrow, Phuket will be the wettest party capital in the world, for 24 hours at least. If you dare to venture out into the streets after 12-midday tomorrow, you can expect to be sprayed with water from all angles as Songkran 2014 kicks off in fine style.

Remember that Songkran is only once per year, so if getting wet really bothers you, then it’s best to stay indoors. If this is your first Songkran, I would suggest you get out there, armed to the teeth with a pump-action water pistol and blast away until your heart’s content.

One thing we must street is take care, be safe and it’s probably best to leave the motorbike at home. And it’s essential to leave all your valuable at home such as passport and mobiles phones. Any paper money should be wrapped up tight in a waterproof bag.

So guys, we wish you a happy Thai New Year… and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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