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High Season’s on its way!

The rain will soon cease… honest! High season is on its why, and our blog yesterday about the rise in the hotel occupancy figures of the month of September is very positive stuff for the island’s business owners and residents. This is also the perfect time to buy a villa or condominium as an investment. The high season months in Phuket from November to April are highly lucrative for villa and condo owners who wish to rent out their properties and make back holiday rental returns.

There are many people in Phuket who live in a villa or condo from May to October and then use the money they make on rental returns during high season and live the rest of the year on that money. They don’t even have jobs! They live on their investments… how cool is that?

Well, that’s the beauty of Phuket’s very seasonal tourism climate, and those that have the money and savvy live a perpetual holiday lifestyle in Phuket. If you invest now in a Phuket condo or villa, you could me making back some profits very quickly.

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